RSU#22 is committed to optimal learning for all students.

To achieve our mission we are further committed to:

...fostering and modeling a love of learning

...developing self-reliant, creative, and responsible citizens

...providing the necessary resources

...creating a community of respect and caring

RSU#22 Belief Statement

Education enables all students to learn the skills, acquire the knowledge and develop the attitudes necessary for them to reach their potential as citizens who can meet the challenges of a changing global society.

We believe that:

  • all citizens in our community share the responsibility to educate our children and themselves;
  • our schools are community support systems and should welcome and encourage all members of our communities to participate; and
  • our schools will have a supportive and empowering atmosphere for all students and community members.


McGraw School strives to serve the child and his/her community. The basic goal of the school is to prepare each child socially, academically, and emotionally to live a full, useful, and satisfactory life.  We focus on the core values of the community; respect, responsibility, honesty, and empathy. 

Through activities, peer interactions, and all school events, children learn the importance of belonging in our school and working and playing safely. Each teacher differentiates instruction so that all children may have a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Each child is treated as an individual who needs love, understanding, concern, and patience while learning.

The school provides the opportunity for a growing understanding and appreciation of our American Heritage and the democratic process. Students are made aware of the unique privileges and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy so that they can become contributing members of our society.