Parent Student Handbook(PDF)


McGraw School has a Safety and Crisis Team. As we strive to create a warm and welcoming school environment, we are challenged with the mission of safety for children at all times when in school. We are constantly reviewing, revising, and adjusting procedures for the security and safety of all. We involve Hampden Public Safety in our planning and implementation. We are grateful for this opportunity and service. New security practices are further explained below.

Safety drills are practiced periodically and in compliance with state regulations.

Please do not visit children on the playground or ask for the teacher to dismiss from the playground. The office will assist in dismissing all children and issuing an office pass so that you can join the playground time.

Many doors are EXITS ONLY at McGraw and are kept locked. Please drop off your child at the office entrance to begin the day. When tardy (after 8:50 a.m.) or when returning your child from an appointment, an office slip will be issued to take to the teacher.

Volunteers are requested to enter at the office entrance and sign the register, wear a badge, and sign out upon leaving. This lets us know who is with us at all times. Anyone without a badge will be asked to return to the office. Please check in each time you enter McGraw. 

All McGraw families picking up children must send a note to the office that morning or as a standard procedure for the week. If you require your child to be picked up at the end of the day, please email or text by 2:00 p.m. to inform the office. [email protected]

Children who are being picked up by their parents are dismissed at 2:55 p.m. Parents should pick up kindergarten children at the outside door of your child's classroom. Parents of first and second graders should pick them up at the playground exit door between wings. Bus students are dismissed to the gym/cafeteria at 3:00 p.m. Buses begin to move through the driveway at 3:05 p.m. so please be on time to pick up your child to avoid safety problems with moving buses.

We ask parents to support our efforts to provide a safe environment by reinforcing school expectations with their children regarding behavior at school and on buses. We ask parents to follow safe driving practices at drop off and pick up times. Please avoid bus areas, do not park in front of the school and do not leave running vehicles unattended. Please always park in the gravel parking lot where the buses park

All visitors are required to enter the front main doors and report to the school office before proceeding to any other parts of the building. Visitors must sign in and out of the visitor's log and wear a badge when they are in the building.

Wellness Regulation/ Parent Reminder

  • Add nutritious and appealing options whenever foods/beverages are sold otherwise offered at school, including vending machines, school stores, concession stands at sporting and academic events, parties, celebrations, social events and other school functions as outlined in the MSAD #22 Food Services Policy EF & Chapter 51 Department of Education Rule.
  • Please do not bring in unsolicited food for children in our schools during the school day.
  • Limit celebrations that involve food during the school day to no more than one celebration per class per month.
  • Please remember teachers will set up and monitor celebrations/solicitation of food