What do you think are the most important issues School Counselors should be addressing.

Social/Friendship skills 124

Managing Feelings 102

Self Control 37

Self Esteem 74

Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving 112

Stress Management 23

Career Exploration 4

Parent outreach/support 7

Anxiety 28

Organizational skills 12

Diversity/acceptance 31
all- 7

What parent education topics are of interest to you?

Helping my child deal with stress 69

Motivating my child to achieve 67

Effective discipline with my child 48

Single parenting 7

Helping my child with grief and loss 10

Teaching my child to behave responsibly54

Helping my child with divorce and separation 9

Helping my child live in a blended family 26

I’m not in need of any resources right now. 60

write in - all- 1